Build Your Own Lisp Pt. 3
2018-11-27 | In which I close the book on "writing" my first lisp

Go-in' Back
2018-10-19 | Casting spells with gophers.

Build Your Own Lisp Pt. 2
2018-10-15 | Smashing Parens against each other like cymbals

Exploring Otto
2018-10-09 | Compiling C++ code like I know what I’m doing. Cool open source audio hardware.

Submersible: Profiling with JS Canvas
2018-10-03 | You wouldn't stretch a canvas across the side of a building. Yah.

Stuck in an Elm Tree
2018-09-18 | Help. I can't get down!

Build Your Own Lisp pt. 1
2018-09-05 | (((((y even tho)))))

Clojurescript Npm Deps
2018-06-06 | Target Node Modules Mashup

Clojure Spec 1: Spec'ing large maps
2018-05-29 | Maps on maps on maps on maps on...