What's On

Last update: May 17, 2019

#Leaning back from the screen

It was a long winter. I'm ready to be outside more, and push myself to connect with nature. The pressure to be programming all the time is diminishing. I will still work on code projects, but am excited about other new projects and hobbies.

I'm also leaning away from reading the news and frequently checking my phone. I still read hackernews, of which the comments usually bum me out, but it'll take time to kick that.

#Pursuing new and old interests

I've been writing fiction on and off for a few months now; I finished one manuscript in November and am working concurrently on two new ones intermittently.

I'm pushing myself to get into camping; something I've always known very little about.

I also want to push climbing and cycling; I think I'm ready now to face things that I told myself were too hard or too scary. Currently, I'm taking a bike-repair course and researching touring bikes. I have been riding a single speed bike for 8 years, and now it's time to get some gears and see where that takes me!

I have been climbing twice a week at the local climbing gym, practicing top-rope, meeting lovely people and observing lead climbing. I am excited to possibly climb outside as I head to Vegas for work in June.

Recent favourites

The Mountain Goats - In League With Dragons
Port Blue
Jon Hopkins' - Singularity
Haruki Murakami - 1Q84
Katsuhiro Otomo - Akira
Neil Stephenson - Snow Crash